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*Your website and all your website products (unless you have a product elsewhere) are stored in your own 54webmedia.com account. Our support team is available 24/7 via phone (480.624.2500) for all your website needs.

Yes. You will own your website along with any other website related products you purchased. As long as you keep your 54webmedia.com account open so you can log into your account (which is where your website and products will be located), then you will always own your website, domain, etc.

That's completely up to you. All depending on the plan you select, that will dictate what's comes with your website.. Most of our websites come with unlimited pages, unlimited images, unlimited videos, merchant processing (means you can accept one time payments and recurring payments), YELP business listing, search engine optimization (SEO), SSL certificate, blog, online shop, and a mobile website as well. Whatever your website needs, we can assure you we can supply you with the right website products so your business can flourish.

It all depends on if you would like to go with a drag and drop ready template builder, or if you want your very own custom built website. If you choose to use one of our website templates then the length of time it takes to build is solely up to you. We have seen clients build their website in 1 week and some build it one month. Just depends on how big your website is, and how much time you spend working on it. There is not a cost for you to build your website using one of our website templates! You will just need to purchase the Business Plus website builder, and your own domain on 54webmedia.com.

We have an online video tutorial you can follow to help you build and edit your website using our template builder. If your find yourself needing further assistance, then you can always call our 24/7 support staff at 54webmedia.com. The number is located inside your 54webmedia account and on the home page of 54webmedia.com.

If you choose to go with a custom built website, then your website can be ready in 72hrs (if need be) if all your website content has been submitted to us. There is a fee for us to build your custom website which can range based upon what your site needs overall. Once the site is built, you will be able to manage the website entirely yourself unless you elect for us to manage it for you for a small monthly fee.

You can update your website as many times as you like. Every day, every hour, weekly, etc. you can update as much as you like. There never will be a cost for you to update your own website, unless you elected for us to manage your website for you for a small monthly fee.

If you already own your own domain, you would need to transfer your domain to our registrar website 54webmedia.com. Click Here to do a domain transfer . If you have an active website, transferring your domain will not affect your current website while the domain is being transferred. After you have done your domain transfer, you would then need to purchase one of our website products such as our website builder+hosting.
Click here for Website Builder + Hosting Plans.

No. You do not have to sign a contract of any sort to get started nor afterwards once your website is completed. When you purchase one of our website products (websitebuilder+hosting, online shopping cart, etc.) through our registrar website 54Webmedia.com you can select if you want to do a monthly plan or a yearly plan. The only time you will be required to sign a contract is if you plan to do custom website build and you plan to host your website under another company.

First, you will need to decide if you want to go with a website template or a custom website built by us.

If you would like to go with a website template that you can modify and build to your liking then you would need the following.
Your own domain = $33.18/yr (includes private registration). Bills once a year.
Website Template Builder - $48/mo. With this plan you will have unlimited pages, images, videos, merchant processing such as Paypal.
Optional - Business Email - $5/mo = $60/yr. Bills once a year.

So in all if you had the business email, domain, business plus website builder then the total at check out would be $141.18 for all 3 products.

If you decided to only purchase the Domain, and the business plus website builder then the total at check out would be $76.38 for the 2 products.

The monthly fee for your website builder would be $48/mo.

If you already have a domain purchased on another registrar website then you would need to do a Domain Transfer.
If a website template builder is more in your budget, then Click here to get started!

If you would prefer to have our master web developers build you a unique one of a kind custom website, then please fill out our custom website build form. Click here to get started!

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