PowerHouseSportsAcademy - Atlanta, GA

"This is Micah Baisden, Owner and Lead Trainer Of PowerHouse Sports Academy located in Tucker, Georgia. I just wanted to express my gratitude for the HotShotsFXMedia Staff. The first thing that stands out is their professionalism in helping businesses like ours expand our reach not just in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas but globally to everyone that desires to be apart of our family. They have truly helped us in so many ways and I suggest any one to allow them to help build your brand the sky is definitely the limit! 

        Thank you from PowerHouse Sports Academy and God Bless!" 


SugarRushTooCakeGallery - Houston, TX

  "Working with HotShotsFXMedia on revamping my website was a great experience. At our first consultation they provided me with an efficient break down of the complete process from start to finish. They went above and beyond to make sure I was 100% satisfied before my website launched.  Thank you so much for all your hard work HotShotsFXMedia."  


Zamira R. - New Jersey

"Often times when you began a new adventure or experience in life you usually experience the do’s and don’ts of this experience on your own. My experience with HotShotsFXMedia has been the total complete opposite! My marketing/website manager Jai Spade and the HotShotsFXMedia team have been there throughout the entire process of creating a brand for my business. As an entrepreneur and one who is very new to the industry; I learned from them that building a “Brand” is more lucrative than just opening a business. Honestly, I would not have been able to create my website nor build my brand without the help of Jai Spade and the team at HotShotsFXMedia. They pushed me to stay on top of my brand! They have literally held my hand throughout the process until each and every task is complete and customized to the way that I want my brand to be represented. In addition, to suggesting innovative ideas that would be more appealing to my consumers. I honestly waited a year to create my website and that was one of the best decisions I made. I am glad I have chosen HotShotsFXMedia to be a part of this new life changing experience. I couldn’t see myself working with any other team."   

Sherita R. - Las Vegas, NV


 "I have been a client for Spade and his staff for 4 years. I'm very happy with their services! They do quality work and deliver in a timely manner. They also excel in their level of communication with their clients. Their prices are reasonable and very affordable. I highly recommend their website services!"  

YashikaTheLifeStylist Tallahassee, FL


"I had an amazing experience with SPADE and the HotShotsFXMedia team! From the thought to creation they were with me helping me develop my website to my liking. I felt completely confident that there was an open door policy and I was free to reach out and ask questions and give input during the process that was well received and thoroughly explained. I would confidently recommend this company to anyone with the assurance that they would deliver with professionalism with an aim to please." 

KaaysLifeStyle - Los Angeles, CA


 "I really appreciate all the support you've  offered so far. Very prompt responses. Great insight and ideas. Thank you for your help so far! Excited to continue.  

Donazio Jo - New York NY


"I really love the website which was created by the HotShotsFXMedia team I love the fonts and the colors that were used. My site is so amazing!! Thank you very much SPADE and HotShotsFXMedia!"

Roxie J - St Louis, Missouri


"My experience with HotshotsFXMedia and 54WebMedia has been a real supportive journey. My vision and input on what I wanted in a website has been at the forefront of the staff's delivery. I am absolutely satisfied and excited to put my new website to use for residual income and success." 

Mariam - Illinois


 "Awesome maintenance team!! They have been designing and maintaining my website since 2013. 

I’m very satisfied with their service and would definitely recommend them to my friends. They're so cooperative and negotiable. I like how they allow us to choose the design of our website and the options they have.

Nicoleon J. - North Carolina


"I have worked with Mr. Spade and the HotShotsFXMedia staff for over 4 years. I have had the best experience with Mr. SPADE and the staff as a whole. My website is AMAZING! Their professionalism, and knowledge of expertise is five star. Excellent customer service experience through the 4 years of service. Thanks a bunch Mr. Spade." 

Alexandra R. - Maryland


"So before I got in touch with HotShotsFXMedia or before they found me, I was putting off creating my website. 

Simply because I didn't really know where to start or how I wanted it to look. I swear it was perfect timing when we met. The process of getting things together to start the process was smooth. The time line for everything was laid out so I was able to plan the launch of my site and my payments as well."   

Toyya W. - South Carolina


"I have really enjoyed working with Mr. Spade and the HotShotsFXMedia staff. He is very knowledgeable and very professional. The staff helped keep me on task to launch my site in a timely manner. Mr. Spade 

kept in frequent contact with me to help guide me through this foreign process as well as keeping me encouraged. I can't imagine having to put this all together without them."

Arnitra B - San Antonio, TX


"I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that HotShotsFXMedia does a really great job. I am glad I decided to work with this company as they have helped me jump start my career in the beauty industry. It's great how easy I can update and manage my own website, if need be. I never have any

problems at all. I don’t have the technical skills to run a site, but they do it all for me and it makes my life easier. It’s almost like having my own professional designer right here with me. I just select what I want on my website, click save, and they do the rest. Simple yet efficient. Thanks, guys!" 

Ashley C. - Tampa, FL


"HotshotsFXMedia is an awesome company to partner with for any business. They offer several services that are essential to branding and marketing. Their tech support is always responsive and available 24/7!"

Melanie J - Texas


"HotShotsFXMedia is awesome! Their site content is easy to understand. Their 24/7 support team is also very helpful and willing to go the extra mile. They provide a wide variety of content and formats to choose from that fit my style and budget. Plus, they explain every single step down to the smallest detail on what to expect and how to run your site. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, they’ll get you there." 

Krystal F. - Houston, TX


"HotShotsFXMedia has great deals when it comes to websites and very nice layouts. I have had great experience working with the company and look forward to building my brand through our partnership." 

Ashley H. - Atlanta, GA


"It didn't take the website long to go up.  I didn't spend as much time on it as a wanted to but the time that I did spend on it, it was easy to navigate through. I could make as many changes as I wanted as far as background and layout. I could also add photos from shoots with other photographers."  

Vanecia W. - Maryland


"HotShotsFXMedia was efficient at setting up my website, and my banner. I would definitely recommend the company professional."