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Top reasons why your business needs an intranet

No organization can deny the fact that paper and email-based business processes are one of the most cumbersome ways of getting the things done. Most of us are dealing with the overflowing trays of papers but it is a very complex and error-prone process. A modern intranet comes to the rescue here and simplifies the business processes while automating most of them. Whether it is sending documents for review, signing up for a company meeting, completing the latest health and safety form, your intranet can easily streamline the business processes. It ultimately saves a lot of your time and energy that reflects higher productivity.

Creating a successful business in long term requires you to enhance employee engagement and make your employees feel valued. It means that collaboration is the key to business success. It does not only drive employee engagement but also boosts business growth. With a unified platform, you can easily share the information and information across the organization.

This is where an intranet has its advantages. It allows you to get answers to your questions, store and search content in real-time, locate subject matter experts, streamline training process, encourage employees to contribute ideas. It is crucial for organizations to take advantage of modern collaboration tools and build a knowledge-sharing culture.

Building a collaborative culture is also beneficial when your team is working across different time zones and departments. The intranet becomes the most adequate place for them to collaborate online and enables them, to bring together task management, information, social conversations, people, and more. By bringing this together, the employees can get on to the work that really matters and become highly productive.

Most of the employees waste their productive time in searching the relevant information as they need to search through many unorganized repositories and cluttered inboxes. A knowledge base provides a central platform to make the information easily searchable and accessible. Know why knowledge management is important for your business success.

With a modern intranet in place, you can simplify the knowledge management process and cut down the time users spend on searching for information that should be at their fingertips. For example, the intranet allows the documents to be quickly and easily rolled up, dynamically updated to make it easier for employees to find the relevant information. Investing in a modern intranet can be an incredible experience for employee productivity and long-term success of your organization. Instead of looking for disparate systems to capture, organize, and share knowledge, you can create an integrated knowledge base system with a intranet.

Despite being in an era of the digitized workplace, many businesses are still using manual, document-based processes and emails for managing tasks. Traditionally, the process of task management involves a mix of wasted time, tedious and time-consuming processes and tons of wasted papers. A modern intranet can automate your business tasks and allow you to streamline everything in just a few clicks. The employees can easily review all the tasks, projects, progress within the digital workplace.

The choice of different intranet deployment and payment models allows organizations to make financial decisions that are right for them. When site creation and design are being driven by organizations themselves, sites can be maintained with less effort. Additionally, there is no need to employ extra IT resources or experience developmental delays, saving both time and money. 

The primary goal of a corporate intranet is to improve internal communications, ensure you have a hub for information and collaboration, and bring efficiency to internal processes.   The implementation of a properly designed and governed intranet will drive time and cost efficiencies by improving how users find, act, and communicate internally.   We provide real actionable insights that allow for content evolution based on direct user feedback, analytics, and insights. Users are no longer spending hours trying to find a specific policy, fill out a vacation request form, or simply find the right person in the organization to solve an issue.  

Digit Bots help to connect people to specific information, lists, or data that they need, allowing them to receive, create, and organize their work. The automation of otherwise mundane tasks helps to free up employee time to focus on more productive assignments. Bots can be customized based on each unique business and changed as a business evolves. 

The intranet features combined with enhanced capabilities allows you to deliver solutions for everyday problems.   However, in order to deliver highly engaging solutions, organizations need to customize their intranets to add corporate branding, extended features, or integrations. The customization allows businesses to develop actual solutions to cover any need necessary, something that would be impossible with the use of a ready-made site. In addition, site designs can be applied at any time — at or after site creation.  

Intranet Designs!

Intranet Faqs

Step 1: Fill out the Intranet Inquiry  form located on the contact page.

Once you have completed the form(s), we will reply back via email within 24hrs to set up a consultation call with one of our agents. 

If you have not completed the app form, please click here in order to do so.

Step 2: A 45min – 1hr consultation call will be scheduled with you and one of our agents to go over pricing, and to answer questions.

Step 3: During the consultation call, you will be able to make deposit. Since we do not email nor save quotes, the pricing options presented to you during the call, are good for that day only! All depending on the deposit amount, a wire transfer may be recommended.

After your payment has been made, a 30 min consultation call will be scheduled between you and your agent so you can review the services form.

At the end of the call, the services form will need to be completed on your end. The form just requires your digital initials, and digital signature.

Once the services form has been completed, we will then begin to gather more pertinent details for the project.

Your agent will be in contact with you weekly or biweekly in regards to the progress.

You will receive a link to preview the rough draft of the design. The preview link is sent via email within 4 – 5 months, after the initial payment.

Closer to completion, modifications are then made so you can review and approve the layout.

Once you have approved the design, you will receive a 1 page services completion form via email. Then you can electronically sign off on the completed work.

Generally 4-6 months is an expected timeline for completion. During the build process, we are also testing the features and the overall functionality.

Completed intranet designs are generally uploaded to a secure hosting server, where the client will have access to it to make changes to it. Or the full intranet can be uploaded to an encrypted flash drive (additional fee), and mailed (additional fee) to the client directly.

Yes, your intranet can be connected to your website, if we designed the website!

The amount of users (5 – Unlimited) depends on the pricing plan that you sign up under.

Yes, you will need to have a website if you want your intranet to be connected to your website.

Yes, the more services you have with us, the more discounts we can offer you as a client.

The client is the sole owner.

Note: It is always recommended to either register, trademark, or copyright anything associated with your company.


  • Stand out from your competition.

Intranet FACTS!

  • 70% of employees in the U.S. are not engaged at work!
  • Connected teams are 20-25% more efficient!

Connecting employees is more important than ever as employees work remotely. And employees expect an intranet experience to rival the other social platforms they use daily.

Top 15 reasons to hire us

  • There isn’t anything we cannot build!
  • Everything we build is custom and tailored to meet the client’s (You) business needs.
  • We use the latest digital technologies.
  • We can meet any deadline.
  • 24/7 live customer support is available.
  • We offer 30+ Business Services…Domains, Hosting, Marketing, Apps, Logos, Security, the list continues.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Everything we build is compatible on all browsers.
  • Not limited to template limitations or constraints since everything we build is custom.
  • We can improve your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • We will help you standout from your competitors.
  • Increase your business credibility.
  • Increase the power of your brand.
  • Increase your traffic, and revenue.
  • We support your future and current business goals.
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